Mark Making to Letters

Online course to support your child's mark making and handwriting development for children aged 2yrs+

This online course will help you to feel more confident in supporting your child’s handwriting development.  

I will take you from frantically searching the internet for solutions, to having the ideas, skills and knowledge at your fingertips that allows you to support your child to thrive.

The unique structure of this online course is based around PLAY.

Weaving handwriting opportunities into your child’s play is key for them to be engaged AND make progress with their handwriting!

Can you relate to any of these?

    • ✔ You work so hard to support your child to improve their mark making and letters, but they have zero motivation and get upset when you try to encourage them to write

    • ✔ You have scoured the internet looking for resources, activity ideas, tips and tricks, but it all feels really overwhelming and you’re just not sure where to start

    • ✔ You try all the activities you have found on the internet, but your child finds them really tricky and ends up distressed

    • ✔ You’ve asked your nursery or school for ideas, and they’ve sent you lots of worksheets to try at home, but your child just refuses to even try

    • ✔ You’ve bought every type of pencil grip on the market to try and make it easier for your child to hold their pencil comfortably, but they’re still complaining of their hand hurting when writing or drawing

    • ✔ You’re worried that your child may have some underlying difficulties impacting on their writing, but you’re not sure what you can do to help

This course is for you if...

    • ✔ You have a child aged 2+ years

    • ✔ You know your child struggles with their fine and gross motor skills, and this is impacting on their writing development… however, you’re not sure what you can do at home to help

    • ✔ You want to know how to make writing less painful and tiring for your child

    • ✔ You want to know how to encourage a more effective pencil grasp

    • ✔ You want ideas to help your little fidget who refuses to sit at the table to write

    • ✔ You want ideas to help your little ‘daydreamer’ who you really struggle to get motivated to engage in writing activities

    • ✔ You want practical solutions to help with letter formations and letter reversals and fun mark making and writing activities that don’t involve lots of worksheets!

What will we cover in this course?

    • ✔ The role of whole-body movements (gross motor skills) in your child’s handwriting development

    • ✔ The role of hand skills (fine motor skills) in your child’s handwriting development

    • ✔ The importance of using a multi-sensory approach to your child’s handwriting development

    • ✔ How to tailor activities at the “just right” level for your child, to support their engagement and motivation to learn

    • ✔ Key positions for your child to play and write in, to boost their underlying skills without even realising!

    • ✔ How to improve your child’s attention and concentration for handwriting tasks

    • ✔ Why your child struggles with letter formations, letter reversals or messy writing… and, most importantly, how to improve this!

    • ✔ Simple, fun, play based activity ideas to target all of the essential underlying skills your child needs to develop their handwriting skills



  • 4 x tutorial videos to explore each key area for supporting your child’s engagement in more detail
  • Key areas are:

  • Gross Motor Skills for Handwriting

  • Fine Motor Skills for Handwriting

  • Sensory Processing Considerations for Handwriting

  • Visual Perceptual Skills for Handwriting
  • 4 Downloadable Workbooks packed full of Occupational Therapy activity ideas and resources, based on each of the 4 topic areas
  • Over 180 Occupational Therapy activity ideas to improve your child’s handwriting development!
  • Downloadable tips, tricks and strategies for letter formations, spacing, alignment and speed of writing

Vicky is a Children's Occupational Therapist specialising in children with sensory processing and physical difficulties.

She helps parents of children with additional needs to support their child's development through specialist online therapy services.

Vicky has worked as a Highly Specialist Children's Occupational Therapist within the NHS for over 16 years and has completed post-graduate training in Sensory Integration.